Frenchman's Bay Power & Sail Squadron

Increasing awareness and knowledge of safe boating, by educating, training and fostering fellowship among members and establishing partnerships and alliances with organizations. 

About Us

Frenchman's Bay Power and Sail Squadron have been around for more than 40 years helping boaters learn water safety and how to enjoy being on the water...(read more)

Did You Know 

You must have a Pleasure Craft Operator's Certificate to operate a boat and a Radio Operator's Certificate to operate a VHF radio...(read more)

CPS Courses 

FBPS offers many popular courses including: Navigation, Marine Electronics, Fundamentals of Weather, Marine Maintenance and many more...(read more)

Summer & Safe Boating
With our summers short comes added responsibilities of boaters and operators to share the waterways, be safe and look out for each other!

Keeping up with FBPS

Stay connected with FBPS for the latest news, activities and events at "FBPS.ca News"

National CPS-ECP 

Frenchman's Bay Power Squadron is part of a larger collective known as National CPS-ECP, if you would like to know more please feel free to contact us at "CPS"

Commander's Message

Our current Commander Brad Derrick has written a message and would like to share with you the "Cdr's Message"

Bridge Officers

Our bridge consists of volunteers that are elected yearly to their respective posts, see here for a complete list of our "Bridge Members"